Code Blog: A Equals What?

Monday, May 23, 2005

F me.

Thanks to all who have committed to playing so far. It's a unique game that hasn't been done before, so I can understand some people's hesitancy.

Everyone has been excellent so far, except one blogger who sent an email that only said, "F--- you". I guess she won't be playing. Still trying to decide whether or not to post her portion of the code or to invite someone else. Sad, too, because I really liked her blog and thought she was nicer than that.

We've definitely got enough people interested in this thing for you all to have a serious go at solving it. Good luck!

Update: The blogger in question has apologized, as have I. My comment came on a post, her most recent after I had skimmed through her archives, in which it was easily read as insensitive on my part.

If this thing succeeds, I'm learning a lot about how to improve on the launch for the next one.

The blogger in question has politely declined to participate and I have forwarded her part of the code onto another blogger.