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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The puzzle has been solved.

The puzzle has indeed been solved. Maybe not in exactly the fashion I had thought it would be, but solved it has been.

And with only eleven of the bloggers discovered!

Full details (including the solution) can be found here. A computer program seemed to be the downfall of the code... dang computers, getting smarter all the time (some more discussion of the puzzle here).

My thanks to those of you who took an interest. My sincerest hopes were that it would be solved by Friday; I hope at least a few of you had some fun with it throughout the week.

The full code key, including the sites involved, is as follows:

a=x -
b=j -
c=m -
d=h -
e=b -
f=n -
g=u -
h=e -
i=q -
j=r -
k=v -
l=k -
m=z -
n=t -
o=c -
p=a -
q=I -
r=f -
originally :
s=l -
t=w -
u=o -
v=y -
w=s -
x=g -
y=p -
z=d -

Now, if you follow this code key, as has been noted at the discussion board linked at the beginning of this post, it leads to a bunch of jibberish. But the phrase has been double encoded. Use the same code key again and the following sentences become clear:

"Well you have done it, congratulations to you all. I have no great piece of wisdom to bestow, no rumination to make you sit back and pause, quiet and still, in a zen-like state; this is what it is, a game. I hope you all enjoyed the journey as much as I have and thank you for playing!"

Again, I'm a little sad to see that it was a computer program that solved the code, as this whole thing started out to be more of a social experiment amongst the weblogs involved, but I can't say I'm disappointed. I'm happy even I was surprised by the outcome of it all!

Special mention goes to the blogger at who led the charge in getting this thing solved.

Thanks again to all who supported the idea of having a bit of fun with this here Internet. I don't know if I'll hold another game exactly like this one, but "Eddie Elgar" will be around, in some form or another, for some time to come.

And yes, the comments are open. Feedback would be awesome.



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